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March 8 - 19, 2021

Studio Julia Janssen & Mozfest

virtual MozFest
Location: Zoom

About this Project
Giving 'Informed consent' is one of the foundations for collecting and using your data. But practically, that means thoughtlessly clicking 'agreed' to a privacy policy. What do you agree to? In some cases, that click doesn't permit one but hundreds of privacy policies all in one. For example, you accept 835 privacy policies with just one click on 'got it' when you visit dailymail.co.uk. It will take hundreds of hours to read these all. So, let's do it together!  0.0146 seconds is a collective read out loud performance in which people one by one recite a part of the conditions until all conditions are recorded, resulting in an auditory work of art.

Together, we create a movement against the exploiting and elusive mechanisms of the data industry. We read for better digital civil rights and control over our data. 

How to participate
– Select a timeframe of your choice.
/ Important: this schedule is based on CET (UTC+1 hour) Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Tunisia, etc.
– Please, enter your name (or an alias/anonymous) and your emailaddress.
The name will be published on this page, to confirm your submission. Your emailaddress will only be used to send you some practical inforamtion about your participation, and a reminder.
/ Note: Only you can delete the reservation with the same device you signed up with. If that doesnt' work, Please, let us know

/ Note: Please connect with your laptop (participation with a phone is difficult) and if possibel, use good headphones or an external microphone.

Since this exhibiton is in collaboration with Mozilla Festival, you need to have a Mozfest Ticket (donation based). Please make sure you secured your ticket well before your 0.0146 seconds session.

You are part of the Artwork
All sessions are recorded in audio, photos and a project journal (with partcipants, dates, locations, etc.)
You'll become part of the 0.0146 seconds artwork.
This whole proces will lead to an auditory work of art: of all the voice recording. Accompanied by a a colletion of portraits – taken of all partcipants during their performance
/ Note: It's required to use your computers' camera and microphone.

Your performance
For a smooth flow and continuation of this project, it's imporant to attent the meeting room a couple of minutes before it's your turn. So please, if you book a time frame note that date and time in your calander (the timeslots are based on CET (UTC+1)) You'll receive the link to the meeting room and additional information by email.
When you enter the meeting room, you'll receive the page you'll read and a background image via the Zoomchat.
Just before you start, somebody will check in with you for final questions or preparations.

More information about this project and images of previous performances
Join! #WeDoNotAccept

Please, contact us if you have any questions or diviculties with the application process.

Reminder: time slots are based on CET, Central European Time (UTC+1 hour)

8 March

17:00 Alderik 17:20 Richard 17:40 henrique 18:00 Nona 18:20 Sean 18:40 Gia

9 March

20:15 stephen rathe 20:35 ZAA 20:50 Michael 22:30 Michaela 22:50 James Freeman

10 March

14:30 Hessel 14:50 suzan 15:10 Juan

13 March

14:50 Kiito Shilongo 15:10 Chris

14 March

17:00 Akul 18:00 Suki 18:20 Ania 19:15 Margot Gabel 19:35 Sarah Kiden 19:55 Keris Myrick

15 March

17:20 Sarah Allen 19:35 Yoshikuni 19:55 Geoffrey Kimani

18 March

20:15 Gala 20:35 shaffah 20:50 John Willden 22:30 Thomas Steigenga

19 March

14:30 Yuwei Lin 14:50 Peiying Lin 15:10 aleksom

Reminder: time slots are based on CET, Central European Time (UTC+1 hour)

We are looking forward to your performance!

– Team Studio Julia Janssen

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